PTC (software company)

The Parametric Technology Corporation ( PTC short, NYSE: PTC) is a manufacturer of software for computer-aided design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM) as well as for management and documentation solutions. The company is listed on the stock index S & P 500.

The number of employees is approximately 5087 (April 2009), sales in the fiscal year 2008 at about 1.07 billion U.S. dollars. The global PTC customer base includes companies that are scientifically active in the production, development, service for government circles as well.


The four core products - Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire, Windchill PDMLink, ProductView and Arbortext Editor - are integrated into a system that can be adapted depending on the manufacturer necessity. From the 1990s onwards, the products of Microsoft (Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP) were supported. Linux versions are available since 2003 for Wildfire 1, 2 and Wildfire Wildfire 3 Since Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 4 Linux is no longer supported. The Apple operating system Mac OS X is not supported.

2007 PTC CoCreate CAD manufacturers, a former division of Hewlett -Packard acquired. CoCreate is known for the 2D-CAD - System ME10. With the acquisition of CoCreate Modeling was added to the product range of PTC.

Since the takeover of the company MKS on 31 May 2011 the offer of PTC also includes the Integrity.

Company History

Samuel Petrovich Geisberg founded in the 1980s with PTC, a new company based on ideas that were reflected in the first product Pro / ENGINEER.

Geisberg realized around 1985 that the usual at the time 3D CAD modeler were unable once created components boundary representations ( Brep ) without considerable effort to change. One solution was to limit the components representations of the previously defined representation of the geometry (CSG ) and create the structure of history that are a part of the dependent ( associated ) components - boundary representation later. This approach requires hybrid modeler that can store both the geometrical data and the resulting component. The user can thereby a component by subsequent change to the geometry data, usually change the dimension entities. This concept is indicative that 20 years later, all 3D CAD systems work on this principle. The product was developed primarily for the market-leading in the 80s UNIX systems.

The management of both prime as well as computer vision assumed that the investments already made in the Primos workstations prime, together with the data already created should continue to help to in the future in their independent data format as well as the costly hardware invest.

After PTC had developed an initial version of Pro / ENGINEER, PTC received venture of Charles River Associates. Steve Walsky was Executive Officer (CEO ) of the PTC. This approach was financially successful, it was followed by the fusion of Prime and computer vision. However, this merger was not able to sufficiently rapidly introduced on by Pro / ENGINEER PTC, easier -to-handle to respond parametric properties based model concept. In addition, surpluses were generated by their own product lines is not enough. Last but not least there were problems with the internal implementation of the CAD data of computer vision to the Prime.