PTO stands for:

  • Pacific Theater of Operations, designation of the United States for all military activity in the Pacific War
  • Part Time Operation, English for " just temporarily in operation"; see Abbreviations / Aviation / L -R
  • Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Office of the United States
  • Please Turn Over, English for " please contact "; see Abbreviations / Aviation / L -R
  • Power take-off, english for power take-off
  • Public Tender Offer, English for public tender offer for a publicly traded company
  • Public Transport Operator, English for Public Transport

PtO stands for:

  • Platinum (II ) oxide, chemical compound

Pto stands for:

  • Personentriebzug / bus, rail bus, train type former German Federal Railroad

Pto is the ISO 639-3 code for the language of Zo'é

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