PU stands for:

  • Package unit, an equipment in plant
  • Personal union, the performance of various departments by one and the same person
  • Personal Accident
  • Philosophical Investigations, the second major work by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Pickup, popular scientific seduction theory
  • PLUNA, an airline from Uruguay to the (IATA )
  • Polyurethane, a plastic
  • Polyuria
  • Pop -up, an element in computer programs
  • Processing unit, a printing unit which is, for example, the Kyocera Company, used in laser printers
  • Project teaching, a school subject in high school

PU as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Circle Puka ( discontinued)
  • Great Britain: Carlisle
  • Italy Pesaro Urbino
  • Croatia: Pula
  • Norway: Kristiansand in Vest-Agder county
  • Slovakia: Okres Púchov
  • Czech Republic: Pardubice, German: Pardubice ( discontinued)

Pu stands for:

  • Plutonium, a chemical element
  • Pu the bear, the main character of a children's story
  • Bu (unit), an obsolete Chinese measure of length
  • Pu ( Linfen ) (蒲县, Pú Xiàn ), a district of the city of Linfen in Shanxi Province, China

Pu stands for:

  • Sub-atmospheric pressure
  • Per- Unit System, an auxiliary unit in electrical power engineering

Pu is the surname of the following persons:

  • Pu Songling (1640-1715), Chinese writer of Mongolian descent

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