Puabi (also Schubad ) was a Sumerian queen or maid of honor, which was buried in the royal cemetery at Ur. She lived around 2500 BC

Puabi was entitled NIN (or ERES ), which can not really be translated as queen, so her real status must remain open.

The grave of puabi (No. 800 ) was unsecured robbed. A cylinder seal bore the name of puabi. In the grave chamber, the skeleton of the puabi lay on a stretcher with his head to the west and laid hands on her belly. She wore a golden headdress. To her left was probably her wig. Get here is a richly decorated with golden diadem animal figures. Three other skeletons were mitbestattet. After examination of the skeleton puabi has reached an age of about 40 years. The grave chamber also contained a threshing and much pottery.

In the grave chamber was found a shaft in which five soldiers and 23 servants were buried. A chest in this slot contains valuable ingredients, like gold and silver vessels. Wooley initially assumed that this bay belongs to the grave of puabi what is today but rather questioned since the grave and the shaft though are close together, but are not structurally connected. The finds were divided between the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the British Museum and the Iraqi National Museum.