Pucallpa on the map of Peru

Pucallpa ( puka hallpa is called in the language of Quechua red earth ) is a rapidly growing city with 211 611 inhabitants in the Amazon region of the South American Andean country of Peru and the capital of the Ucayali region. It is situated at 155 m altitude on the banks of the Rio Ucayali, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon. The nearest town is near Tingo Maria, 250 km away.

History and Economics

Pucallpa was founded on October 13, 1888. A small settlement existed in this place but since 1534th

Before the completion of the 846 km long Lima - Pucallpa Pucallpa highway in 1945 was a small, isolated town without electricity or paved roads. After connecting to Lima Pucallpa grew by leaps and bounds and is now a center for the surrounding agriculture and industry with numerous sawmills and Palisanderöl factories. Pucallpa is also called the 76 km long oil pipeline company Ganso Azul, located in the southwest of the city.

Pucallpa also has a connecting air service via Aeropuerto Internacional Capitán Rolden to Lima, Tarapoto and Iquitos.

Nature Reserves

To the west of Pucallpa of the Alexander von Humboldt National Forest and the Biabo Cordillera Azul National Forest lie.


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In Pucallpa all year prevails a tropical climate. The average annual temperature is 26 ° C. In July the average temperature is 25 ° C and in the months of September to January 26.5 ° C. The average high temperature reaches 33 ° C and the minimum temperature 21.5 ° C.

The annual rainfall is about 1,570 mm. Most precipitation falls during the months of October to April.