Puerto Rico men's national basketball team

The Puerto Rican national basketball team of men representing Puerto Rico in international basketball games. She is the most successful basketball team in Central America and a regular participant in world championships and Olympic Games.

  • 3.1 World Championships
  • 3.2 The Olympic Games
  • 3.3 America Championships
  • 3.4 Pan American Games
  • 3.5 Central American Championships


Already in the years after the founding of the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation in 1957 the national team celebrated its first successes at international championships, which to a large extent point guard Juan " Pachín " Vicens, who was at that time one of the best amateur players in the world, as well as later Center also Teófilo Cruz, who participated in the first team athletes at five Olympic Games, was due to. In the 1970s, in which Raymond Dalmau, Héctor Blondet and Neftali Rivera were the outstanding players, basketball was the enthusiasm in the country through the 1974 World Cup and the Pan American Games in 1979, both held in San Juan, increased. After the team for the World Championships in 1982 and the Olympics in 1984 had failed to qualify, they could tie the end of the 1980s by players like Jose Ortiz, Ramón Rivas, Jerome Mincy and Federico López back to their earlier successes. The highlight of this phase was the 4th place at the 1990 World Cup, when they won the first seven matches in a row, while also the later champions defeated Yugoslavia. These actors were well into the 1990s, the core of the national team, a new generation players could only establish the end of the 1990s. Led by Carlos Arroyo, who was able to establish itself as the first Puerto Rican permanently in the NBA, the national team a 92-73 victory over the United States celebrated at the Olympic Games 2004. It was the first defeat of a U.S. selection at an Olympic basketball competition, since the prohibition of professional players in 1989 had been repealed and therefore NBA players are allowed.

Current squad

Known player

Other well-known players who played in the recent past in the national team are:

Performance in international competitions

World Championships

Olympic games

  • 2000 - does not qualify
  • 2004 - 6th place
  • 2008 - does not qualify
  • 2012 - does not qualify

America Championships

  • 2007 - Bronze Medal
  • 2009 - Silver Medal
  • 2011 - 4th place
  • 2013 - Silver Medal

Pan American Games

Central American Championships

  • 2008 - Gold Medal
  • 2010 - Gold Medal
  • 2012 - Silver Medal