Pullman automobile

Pullman was a car brand of the York Motor Car Co. in York (Pennsylvania), which was produced from 1905 to 1917. The total production is expected to have lain 12000-23000 copies. The Pullman car was named by the industrialist AP Broomell by the known, luxury rail cars of the Pullman Palace Car Company. But otherwise there is no connection between the two companies. Business partner of Samuel E. Baily was Broomell, who later became president of the society. James A. Kline took over the construction of automobiles.

As early as 1907 the company was in financial difficulties and took the banker Thomas O'Connor and Oscar Stephenson on the Executive Committee. In 1909 she notified the company in Pullman Motor Car Company and to Broomell, Baily and Kline resigned from the Executive Board. Kline then built his own automobile.

Pullman cars were sold as a luxury carriage, with slogans such as "Not Only The Best at the Price But the Best at Any Price" (English: not only the best at the price, but the best at whatever cost ) for the car was advertised. The Pullman was not as expensive as the top U.S. automotive products, but the build quality should comply with them and it was considerably more expensive than the contemporary Ford T model. The Model T in 1909 cost as a touring U.S. $ 850, -, but by 1914 its price to about U.S. $ 554, was - like. A Pullman advertising brochure from 1910 lists four touring cars and roadsters at prices ranging from U.S. $ 1650, - and U.S. $ 3200, -.

Pullman Six -wheeler

The first Pullman, which was built in 1903, had an unusual design with six wheels. Unlike other six-wheeled vehicles - even the Formula 1 cars March 2-4-0 in the 1980s - were at the Pullman, the distances between the axes equal so that the front and rear axles, as usual, the front and rear of the vehicle were grown, but the central axis was sitting directly under the second seat. When the car reached a road hump, he tended to switching back and forth. The model was not a great success summoned and after less than a year, he crashed on a telegraph pole. The car was disassembled and its parts - for example, the engine - installed in other cars more conventional construction.

Other models

More models from 1905 went into series production. They were quite successful. In 1908 a car in about 30 days from factory in York to San Francisco ( California ) and back to put his reliability. This was no easy task as the highways of the Lincoln Highway were not finished by York. Today there are 27 Pullman cars, about half of them have been restored.


1917 had to Pullman due to quality deficiencies and thus tainted reputation among customers for bankruptcy and ceased production. The former factory building can be seen in York today.

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