Punkaharju [ ˌ puŋkɑ hɑrju ] is a former municipality in the Finnish countryside Savo. Since 2013, it is a part of the city of Savonlinna

Punkaharju located 35 kilometers east of the center of Savonlinna in the Finnish Lake District. The former municipality of Punkaharju is rural and has an area of ​​748.1 square kilometers. Nearly 40 percent of them ( 286.9 square kilometers) consists of inland waters. The population of the municipality was last 3,645 (as at 31 December 2012). The main town is named Punkasalmi and counts 1495 inhabitants. Besides Punkasalmi located in Punkaharju with the place Tuunaansalmi (207 inhabitants; stand each 31 December 2011) is a second settlement center ( taajama ).

Punkaharju is famous for the eponymous natural monument: a 7 kilometer-long and 25 meter high Os ( harju, ridge ) between the lakes and Puruvesi Pihlajavesi. It was created 10,000 years ago during the last glacial meltwater streams. The scenic ridge is regarded as Finnish " national landscape ". Today the area is a nature reserve and is a popular tourist destination. In Punkaharju are also the Art Museum Retretti and Forestry Museum Lusto. Built in 1983 Retretti is built into it to share in the rock and is among the largest art museums in the Nordic countries. In May-August exhibitions there are shown. The modern Lusto Museum ( opened in 1994 ) deals with the topics of wood and forest.

Punkaharju was released in 1922 as a separate municipality from Kerimäki. 1973 Punkaharju slammed a smaller portion of the dissolved municipality Sääminki. At the beginning of 2013 Punkaharju was incorporated along with Kerimäki in the neighboring town of Savonlinna.

The description of the coat of arms of Punkaharju is: In blue shield a golden beam having a wave cut below and above a pine cut. Above the bar hangs a golden crown rank. The speaking crest refers to the Punkaharju -Os.

Sons and daughters

  • Juho Hänninen ( born 1981 ), rally driver