Punt (gridiron football)

A punt is a play in American football, where the football is kicked by the punter for the opposing team and is separated from the right of attack. It is usually performed if after three attempts it is foreseeable that the room gain of ten yards in the last attempt, the fourth, is not reachable and the distance for a field goal is too far. A punt is a play, in which eight men enter the punter by blocking time, the ball he got previously leaked by a Longsnap, wegzupunten with a case kick. The further course of the play can be different:

  • The Punter of the attacking team tries as far as possible to kick the ball into the opponent's half. The Returner now the attacking team catches the ball and carries it as far forward as possible. The team formerly tried attacking the ball carrier as soon as possible and as far back as possible to stop by a tackle.
  • The Returner noticed that the onrushing defenders are too close and no return is possible. He signaled a fair catch and the turn is over at the spot where he catches the ball, without having to be getackled may.
  • The punter kicks the ball so far that it reaches the goal line, which is considered a touchback, whereupon the defending team once his attack series begins on its own 20 -yard line. A touchback can also be achieved when the ball hits the ground and rolls untouched into the end zone or jumps.
  • The Punt flying, jumping or rolling over the side line first. The offense then begins at exactly this point. Precise punter can thus nail down near their own end zone, the other team.
  • Does not catch the returner of the ball, the team can, the puntete, catch the ball or touch the ball rolling, in which case at this point the right of attack changes. This is especially advantageous when the ball comes up within the 20 -yard line or would pay, as the returner would probably speculate on a touchback.
  • Touched the returner the ball without gaining control over him ( Muff ), so the ball is loose, that is, both teams can conquer him, like a fumble.