Purdue University

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Purdue University is an American University in West Lafayette, Indiana ( midwest ), which was founded in 1869. It was named in honor of its first benefactor John Purdue, a businessman from Tippecanoe County, who bequeathed $ 150,000 to the university. Today, the main location of Purdue University Purdue University 's system. She is a member of the Association of American Universities, an existing network of leading research-intensive since 1900, North American universities.

The Purdue University is currently attended by approximately 40,000 students, provide for the more than 3,000 teachers. Purdue is one of the major universities of the United States.


The Purdue University is in the field of engineering sciences to the most prestigious universities in the United States. Purdue has a long tradition in aviation and space technology, which has given the University the nickname " Cradle of Astronauts ". Among the most famous graduates, among others, Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon ) count and Eugene Cernan ( the last man on the moon so far ).


The sports teams at Purdue University are the Boilermakers. The university is a member of the Big Ten Conference.

Famous people


  • Shreeram Abhyankar, Indian mathematician
  • Seymour Benzer, physicist and biologist ( National Medal of Science, 1982), also studied here
  • Louis de Branges de Bourcia, French mathematician
  • Herbert C. Brown, chemist and Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry 1979 ( with Georg Wittig )
  • Earl Butz, politician, Minister of Agriculture under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford
  • Reginald Fessenden, radio pioneer
  • Lillian Evelyn Gilbreth, engineer and author
  • Avinash Kak, researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • Ei-ichi Negishi, chemist and Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 2010
  • Albert Overhauser, physicists
  • Alan J. Perlis, computer scientist and Turing award winners
  • Victor Raskin, significant Humor researchers
  • Julian Seymour Schwinger, theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate
  • Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, a nuclear physicist