PureFTPd is an open source FTP server for Unix and Unix- like systems. Supported operating systems GNU / Linux, BSD, many derivatives, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, Darwin, Irix, and HP- UX. In addition, the program supports LDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and custom authentication and SSL / TLS encryption and the File Exchange Protocol ( FXP ).

In contrast to most other FTP daemons PureFTPd is not (except for LDAP and MySQL) but by attributes configured via the configuration file that will be passed to the daemon at startup. While there is also a configuration file ( / usr / local / etc / ). The but is converted by means of a Perl or Python script which acts as a wrapper, in a console command. Optional there are also two graphical frontends: kcmpureftpd, a module for the KDE Control Center and Pure Admin, which is based on GTK2. For Mac OS X there is the PureFTPd Manager, which is based on Cocoa. As a web frontend user manager for PureFTPd exists. It requires a web server, preferably Apache, PHP installation and a MySQL database in which the (virtual) FTP users are managed.

Virtual users, so users do not exist on the system, but only in the PureFTPd database are also supported. Virtual users inherit the properties of a "real" user. This configuration effort is saved and increased security and flexibility.

As of version 1.0.15, the program is under BSD license, previously under the GPL.

PureFTPd based on Troll - FTPd, which was written by Arnt Gulbrandsen around 1995, while he worked at Trolltech.