PureVolume is a website for bands and musicians. Every artist and every band there can create a microsite that includes news, photos, upcoming shows, background information and biographies, contact information, and music. This can be downloaded both as be consulted on the website. PureVolume has over 500,000 registered artists, mostly from the rock, alternative rock, indie rock and punk rock area or its subgenres. These include both well-known mainstream bands as well as ascending and indie bands. A similar but much larger site is MySpace.


  • There is the possibility to register as an artist a free account or a paid membership. The accounts for normal users are free.
  • Artists can upload their MP3 files, perform a friends list and publish their shows on their pages.
  • Current events of artists to appear on the profile of the user friendly.
  • The user specifies certain categories, through which he can get in touch with like-minded users.
  • Bands can pay PureVolume that they advertise it with a " Pure- Promo " program. Some bands are also selected from PureVolume staff and get this free ( "Pure Pick" ).
  • There are genre - specific PureVolume charts