Putian (Chinese莆田 市) is a prefecture-level city of Fujian province. It lies on the Taiwan Strait between Fuzhou and Xiamen.

The administrative area Putians has an area of ​​4119 km ² and 3.04 million inhabitants ( end of 2004).

Economic data: Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2003 ( 2002 figures)

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Putian is composed of four districts and one county. These are:

  • City Chengxiang District (城厢 区), 502 km ², 360,000 inhabitants, center, seat of the city government;
  • City Hanjiang District (涵江 区), 790 km ², 420,000 inhabitants;
  • City Licheng District (荔城区), 293 km ², 460,000 inhabitants;
  • Municipality Xiuyu (秀屿 区), 699 km ², 790,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Xianyou (仙游 县), 1835 km ², 1.01 million inhabitants, administrative headquarters: Road Licheng District (鲤城 街道).


The port in the Meizhou Bay is available up to 30 feet deep and for vessels up to 50,000 grt, at high tide for ships up to 100,000 tons. Putian heard, despite its location on the coast, one of the poorest cities in the province of Fujian.


The to the municipality Xiuyu belonging Meizhou Island in the Bay of Meizhou, home of the sea goddess Matsu, will be developed into a tourist center for visitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tourist attraction is also the Jiuli Hu ( "Nine Carp Lake ").