Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai

Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai (Hindi: प्यार दीवाना होता है, Divana Pyar Hota Hai; lit. translation: love is crazy ) is an Indian film comedy love of Hindi film directed by Kirti Kumar from the year 2002.


Sunder comes from his village to the big city. He is naive, impressionable and illiterate. The painter Sunder is soon hired as a painter and meets Payal Khurana. Payal comes from a good family and has traveled from the U.S. to India to study classical dance there. She is the only one with whom he befriends. Sunder thinks when they first met Payal was deaf and dumb and tells her why with sign language. Now Payal thinks that Sunder is deaf and dumb. The fact that Payal is not deaf and dumb, is soon clearly but Sunder thinks Payal was only friends with him because she feels sorry for him and thus plays its role further than deaf-mute. Payal want to give him back his voice and brings Sunder to the doctor. Dr. S. Puri, but unable Sunder is here to help. He does not know that Payal slowly in love with him. When he finds it, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain his lie.


On 26 April 2002, the movie was released in the Indian cinema.