Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya (1998 film)

  • Salman Khan - Suraj Khanna
  • Kajol - Muskaan Thakur
  • Arbaaz Khan - Vishal Thakur
  • Anjala Zaveri - Ujala
  • Dharmendra - Thakur Ajay Singh ( Chacha )
  • Kiran Kumar - Akash Khanna
  • Kunika - Mrs. Khanna
  • Aashif Sheikh - Brother of Thakur Vijay Singh
  • Nirmal Pandey - Thakur Vijay Singh

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya (Hindi: प्यार किया तो डरना क्या, literally: If you love what there is to fear / When you love, there's nothing to fear? ) Is a Bollywood film released in 1998.


Muskaan ( Kajol ) and her brother, Vishal ( Arbaaz Khan) living since the death of her parents with her uncle Thakur Ajay Singh ( Dharmendra ). She gets a marriage proposal after another, but Vishal rejects all worshipers, for he wishes to see a strong man at her side. As Muskaan decides to Mumbai to go to a college, Vishal met with a heavy heart her desire only because he has promised her parents.

In college Muskaan Suraj Khanna meets ( Salman Khan ), whose very rich father ( Kiran Kumar ) is not particularly fond of him and his stepmother brought him to leave his house. They fall in love, but appears as Vichal in college, keeps him Suraj for a rival, and their acquaintance begins with a fight. Well Suraj has to convince the stubborn brother that he was the right man for Muskaan.