Pybba of Mercia

Pybba (also Pibba, Pypba, Pubba, Wibba; * 570; ? † around 606 ( 615) ) was an early king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia from the dynasty of Iclingas. As the years reign are 593-606 (615? ).

Pybba to have been the son and successor of King Creoda, but this claim appears to be based on a confusion, since the year 593 the death of a West Saxons called Creoda in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is mentioned. Pybba said to have had twelve sons, including Penda, who later became king. The descendants of his sons Cenwalh and Eowa († 642) were later also kings of Mercia. An unnamed daughter was married to Cenwalh ( 642-672/673 ), king of the Gewissæ. Another daughter from a second marriage with a princess of Gewissæ said to have been married to Cadwallon ap Cadfan, the Welsh king of Gwynedd. His direct successor ceorl was apparently a relative, without the exact relationships were known.

Several place names, which are derived from Creoda and his successors Pybba and Penda, point to an incipient to Creodas time anglische colonization in the south-western Mercia on the border only later evolving Kingdom Hwicce.