Pyhrn Autobahn

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  • Upper Austria
  • Styria
  • In construction
  • In planning
  • Section Control
  • Traffic control system

The Phyrn A9 motorway is a major north -south axis in Austria. Leads you ( as a continuation of the A8) over a length of 230 kilometers from the node Voralpenkreuz at Sattledt about Graz until after pitch on the border with Slovenia, where it flows into the Slovenian motorway A1. In December 2004, approximately 8 km long last section of the A9 between Inzersdorf and Schön was completed.

Expansion of state

On the route There are currently three single-bore tunnels. These are the tunnel chain Klaus as well as the two special toll roads in the area of ​​Bosruck and Gleinalmtunnels.

The sections from the node Peggau / German Feistritzwerke to Graz and Graz -Nord - Webling to the Graz - West are expanded sechstreifig.

The expansion of the tunnel chain Klaus began in late 2013 with the construction of bridge objects, the second tunnels are built between late 2014 and 2019.

The second tube of the Lainberg tunnel including short tunnel is finished and thus passable since early 2009. The second tube of the Bosruck Tunnel with slope Ardning bridge was completed in July 2013. Currently, the existing tube is being totally renovated in 2015. Between 2013 and 2019, also the Gleinalmtunnel is equipped with a second tube. The construction of the second tunnel is scheduled to begin in October 2013.

After completion of this expansion measures the entire highway will be four lanes Phyrn passable.

Interesting street buildings in the course of the route

  • Unterflurtrasse Kirchdorf an der Krems
  • Klaus tunnel chain
  • Bosrucktunnel
  • Selzthal ( RFB Linz) Ennstal exit left
  • Gated entrance and exit at Selzthal ( in Schienenersatzverkehr the Pyhrnbahn used )
  • Moor Bridge at shoots: In the area of ​​Moore's Triebener the highway is carried over a stretch of 5.5 km as a bridge that rests on many pillars in the peaty soil.
  • The St. Michael (with connections to Semmeringschnellstraße S6 and Murtalschnellstraße S36)
  • Gleinalmtunnel
  • Tunnel Gratkorn North / South
  • Plabutschtunnel, second longest twin tube tunnel in Europe
  • Lighting system with blue LED lights between the node Graz- Webling and the junction Seiersberg
  • Node Graz West (with connections to South motorway A2)

Traffic control system

Due to the Air Pollution Control Act (IG -L), a traffic management system (VBA ) with LED variable message signs in the section Gratkorn North was in 2009 - Lebring built. At too high particulate loads the speed limit is automatically reduced to 100 km / h ( so called particulate hundreds). Also, the driver is warned of fog and dangers. Likewise, LED traffic information boards located at the intersection St. Michael, who warn of construction sites, tunnel barriers or jam. After the closure of the gap S35 S6 offers the route - S35 an alternative to the single-tube and special toll Gleinalmtunnel. With the completion of construction, the new variable direction Styria was around the nodal regions Graz West, Bruck, St. Michael and Peggau - German Feistritzwerke put into operation. This road users can be redirected interregionally signs and electronic billboards and so avoid a traffic jam on your route in the case of distance barriers.

Section Control

On October 10, 2011, a section control system was put into operation in the field of Plabutsch tunnel in both directions. This is the number of accidents which usually happen due to non-compliance with the speed limit by up to forty percent lowered.