Pyinmana is a logging town east of Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar.


The city had in the census in 1983: 52 962 inhabitants. The population in 2005 was estimated to be around 97,400.


The city is an intermediate station on the traffic of intercity buses route Yangon- Mandalay. It is closed to tourists since 2006. The main train station is also located on the Yangon- Mandalay rail line. Furthermore, from here there is a connection after Kyaukpadaung. The web is an important means of transportation for Zuckerrohrverfrachtung.


During the period of occupation by the Japanese army during World War II Pyinmana served as the headquarters of General Aung San, father of Aung San Suu Kyi led resistance movement to the Burma Independence Army, BIA.

The strategic importance of the city receives on the one hand by its central location and on the other hand, because it is close to the borders of several large minorities ( Shan, Chin and Karen ) inhabited part states, some of which have long been found in conflict with the ruling military dictatorship.

On 7 November 2005 Information Minister Kyaw Hsan General announced that it has begun the day before, to lay all the ministries and other government agencies from Rangoon to an area west of Pyinmana. Here was the planned city Naypyidaw. Speculation about such plans already existed since 2001. These reports were not yet currently rejected by the government until shortly before the official announcement as.

Reports by exiled Burmese According to the universities of the city (Agriculture, Natural Resources and Veterinary Medicine ) were moved to the cities Kyaukse, Pyin U Lwin and Mhaw Bi in preparation for the establishment of new government offices west of Pyinmana.