Pylea (Greek Πυλαία ( f sg ), also Pylaia ) is a western suburb of Thessaloniki in the metropolitan area of ​​Thessaloniki. Pylea has a coastline of 4.5 km along the Bay of Thessaloniki and the Thermaikos Gulf ) and extends from the south-west (sea ) to the northeast towards Mount Chortiatis.

In the territory of the ancient settlement Pylea Strepsa is mentioned in the writings of Thucydides (319 BC ). Under Ottoman occupation, the settlement was called Kapoutzida with reference to the Turkish name for guards ( guarding the city of Thessaloniki ). Under the name Kapoutzides ( Καπουτζήδες ) it was founded in 1918 as a rural community ( kinotita ) recognized in 1926 in Strefa ( Στρέφα ) and finally renamed in 1928 in Pylea, the Greek word Pyli πύλη, gate ' ( here meant the eastern gateway to Thessaloniki ) inspiration for the name was. 1982 Pylea to township ( dimos ) was charged. This church was in 2010 merged with Chortiatis and panorama to the municipality Pylea - Chortiatis, where she has since formed a district.

Pylea to the depot of the metro of Thessaloniki are (currently under construction) and would thus at the same time preliminary southeastern terminus of the main line.