Pyrausta cingulata

The Pyraustinae are a subfamily of the Crambidae within the Pyraloidea. Currently, about 1470 total species are known. In Central Europe, which occur about 160 species.


The Pyraustinae are reported by some morphological features of the Tympanalorganen and extremities as monophyletic.

Way of life

The caterpillars of the Central European species of the Pyraustinae often live in cocoon tubes and feed on a wide variety of plants (among Mentha, oregano, thyme, salvia).


The systematic scope of the subfamily Pyraustinae is the only recent spin-off of the former tribe Spilomelini as a separate subfamily Spilomelinae not quite sure yet. In some species the position in one or the other sub- family is not yet known. Currently, there are about 230 genera and over 1,400 species known in Europe about 100 species have been recorded in Central Europe are about 20 genera:

  • Achyra Guenée, 1849
  • Anania Hübner, 1823 Holunderzünsler ( Anania coronata )
  • Anania funebris ( Ström, 1768)
  • Brennnesselzünsler ( Anania hortulata )
  • Anania terrealis
  • Anania verbascalis
  • Rübenzünsler ( Loxostege sticticalis )
  • European corn borer ( Ostrinia nubilalis )
  • Sitochroa palealis ( Denis & Schiffer Müller, 1775)
  • Uresiphita gilvata