Pytalovo (Russian Пыталово, Latvian from 1938 Abrene, today Pitalova ) is a small town with 5826 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in the Russian Federation. It belongs to the Pskov oblast, and is located in the extreme west of Russia near the border with Latvia some 100 km south-west of the regional center of Pskov.


Was first mentioned as the place Pytalovo in 1782, when there were 13 farmers resident. The village had Pytalovo around the year 1878 around 57 inhabitants. It belonged to Ujesd Ostrow of Gubernija Pskov.

In the 50s of the 19th century began the construction of the railway line Saint Petersburg - Warsaw and thus was the construction of the associated stations along the route. The nearest section from Ostrow to Rezekne was quite long for those days. It was decided to build so-called " half- stations" ( breakpoints ). Having now a stop on the railway line was built in the immediate Gutsnähe, called him Pytalovo. This was the origination date of the city Pytalovo. As of 1881, the breakpoint was performed as ordinary station. During the First and Second World War, the station was extensively expanded and occupied by both German and Russian side repeatedly.

Due to the Latvian -Soviet Peace Treaty of 1920 was a part of the Ujesd Ostrow with Pytalovo of Latvia, the city was founded in 1925 in Jaunlatgale (German: Neu- Latgale ) renamed before 1938 was named Abrene. It refers to the Historic Landscape Adzele, Old High German country tho ADSEL, which includes a northern portion of Latgale.

After the Second World War, the Soviet Union Abrene and a part of the district was divided into the Pskov oblast of the RSFSR. Most of the inhabitants of Latvian origin were expelled and their original name of the city in Pytalovo.

With the 1991 restored independence Latvia has tried to reclaim the city, but this failed because of international pressure. Supposedly carried out a referendum, saying the majority of belonging to Russia. After the conclusion of a border treaty with Russia on 27 March 2007 Latvia also declined formally claims regarding the extensive 1,400 square miles of countryside to Pytalovo.


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Coat of arms

Description: From the green enlarged head of the shield is divided by a crenellated section of the split in gold and red escutcheon. Above a black church and gave silver front a black horseshoe at the gap. Rear of a pale golden key placed at the gap with a quatrefoil Ride and pointing upward and to the left has a beard Paulinerkreuz -neck.

Place name

For the place name " Pytalovo " exist several derivations, but so far all of them could not receive confirmations by archival material: