Pythagoras (disambiguation)

Pythagoras (Greek Πυθαγόρας ) is the name of:

  • Pythagoras of Samos (around 570 to after 510 BC ), Greek philosopher
  • Pythagoras ( tyrant ), a tyrant in Ephesus around 600 BC
  • A seer in the wake of Alexander the Great
  • Pythagoras (sculptor from Samos) (5th century), a sculptor from Samos
  • Pythagoras (sculptor of Rhegium ) (5th century), a sculptor of Rhegium
  • Pythagoras (Boxer ), son of Krates, from Samos, winner at the Olympic Games in 588 BC
  • A Spartan commander Titus Quinctius Flamininus in the war, brother- in-law and son of the Spartan king Nabis
  • A freedman of the Emperor Nero, with which the latter married solemnly
  • A navigator and geographer who explored the coast of the Red Sea on behalf of Ptolemy II
  • Pythagoras Papastamatiou (1930-1979), Greek author

Pythagoras is also available for:

  • Pythagoras (crater ), named after Pythagoras of Samos
  • ( 6143 ) Pythagoras, an asteroid of the main belt

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