Python (Efteling)

Python in the Efteling ( Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands) is a steel roller coaster by model Double Loop Corkscrew manufacturer Vekoma, which was opened on 12 April 1981 as the largest steel roller coaster in Europe. It is the first roller coaster vertical loop of the manufacturer Vekoma.

An identical roller coaster named the Magic Mountain stands at Gardaland in Italy.


With the installation of Python Efteling started implementing a new strategy: the development of fairy tale park to a theme park.

These plans led to some problems with the local community. Environmentalists tried to achieve a reduction of building permit and residents feared rising visitor numbers. Based on the expected noise caused the highest court of the country in the meantime the interruption of the construction.

With the extension of opening times since 1995 ( to 22 clock ), there was again a problem with the noise from the roller coaster.

Plans which provided for an extension (1600 m length, 41 m altitude, 100 km / h speed), and a complete renovation of the train were discarded. The funds were invested in the construction of the new roller coaster Vogel Rok.

The original features of Arrow Dynamics was in the 1990s, replaced by trains from Vekoma. Since mid-2005 went on Python trains from Kumbak that have been replaced as of December 2011 with two new trains from Vekoma. All trains each had seven cars for every four people (two rows of two people). As restraint system shoulder strap came in the first three types of trains are used, currently serving as the west shoulder restraint system.