PZL Kania

The PZL Kania is a Polish multi-purpose helicopter.

The PZL Kania is essentially a development of the Mil Mi-2, such as the cell of the helicopter has been completely redesigned. Also new drive units of Rolls- Royce Allison be used. In addition to new composite rotor blades of the PZL Kania was additionally equipped with western avionics.

The development work for this type of helicopter began in 1969. The first prototype finally flew on 3 June 1979. During the early 1980s the aircraft was tested, was performed according to FAR -29 in February 1986 admission. The PZL Kania is manufactured in small numbers in Poland, PZL Świdnik. You can even upgrade the Mi-2 helicopter is offered. In addition to its use in Poland, PZL Kania is also used in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Venezuela and Cyprus.



In the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only flies General Gogol by the Soviet KGB in a PZL Kania.