Q magazine

Q is a British music and entertainment magazine of the Bauer Media Group. It is published monthly and is distributed in the German Press Trade Station.


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth founded the magazine in 1986 out of despair over the state of the music press, who served only a very young generation from their feelings and such bands and musicians such as Paul Simon, Level 42 or Dire Straits ignored. As an example of the Rolling Stone served. Of the other music magazines it also differed by the monthly publication and a higher print quality. Initially was the subtitle: "The modern guide to music and more" ( The Modern Guide to Music and more). The name was originally Cue loud ( English inter alia for setting the needle plate to place the plate) to avoid, but the confusion with a snooker magazine he was changed to Q.

Typical of the magazine are lists of the 100 Greatest Albums up to the 100 Greatest rock Lists. More often appear monthly expenses that certain topics are dedicated, for example specific genres, famous musicians or important eras.

Publishing house

The publisher Emap also emits a digital radio station called Radio Q, which will be broadcast via the digital television networks of Great Britain and the Internet. In the UK there is also a Q- TV channel. Emap publishes also the sister magazine Mojo, which was founded in 1994 due to the great success of Q. Furthermore, he also publishes the style similar to the concept of Q film magazine Empire.