Q (novel)

"Q " is a 1999 published under the collective pseudonym Luther Blissett historical thriller. The Italian novel spans 40 years in the 16th century shook from the turmoil of the Reformation Germany.


The main characters of the novel are a young theology student, advocate of peasant interests, leader of the heretics and be invisible enemy: Q, the man without a face and spy Carafa, later Pope Paul IV The novel combines historical facts with a fictional story that repeatedly unexpected twists.


According to La Repubblica Q was written by the author Quartet Federico Guglielmi, Luca Di Meo, Giovanni Cattabriga and Fabrizio Belletati.


The novel tells the story of the Italian left counter-culture in the guise of a historical novel about the Reformation period. The authors said that they have chosen the 16th century, because " the birth of all that was then, what 's wrong in modern life: Europe, mass communication, police state and financial capital."


Since the imprint allowed to copy the book freely, it is probably the most commercially successful to date open-content publication at all.

The book has been translated into more than 10 languages, including English and German.