Q & Q

Q & Q is a Dutch children's detective series in six parts (each approximately 50 minutes) from the year 1974. The series was produced by the Dutch production company KRO. Directed by Bram van Erkel. The theme music was sung by Robert Long.


Wilbur Quandt and Aristides Quarles van ispEN are Q & Q. The two boys get to know each other by chance in the woods, as Aristides birds photographed. However, when developing the images they make a strange discovery: the boys see on one of the photos one apparently unconscious man being dragged into the bushes. The village policeman laughs Wilbur and Aristides only when they want to report the incident. The two decide to take the case into his own hands - especially since Aristides ' great uncle found the face of the unconscious somehow familiar.


The first broadcast took place in Germany in February 1977 in the ARD. The competent broadcaster was the then SDR (today SWR ). The series was repeated in 1979 by the ARD. After the very successful broadcast of the first season of the Q- & -Q- series for a second season was filmed, which was not broadcast in Germany. In 2004, the first season of the series on DVD from the Dutch company Bridge Entertainment has been published. This DVD contains only the original in Dutch, a German version is not available.

The body in the photo in the series Q & Q was played by Wim Hogenkamp, a famous Dutch singer and actor who was murdered in 1989 found in his Amsterdam apartment and lay there in the same pose as the body in the television series. The exact circumstances of his death were never clarified.

Roles and Actor ( selection)

  • Bob de Lange as Grandpa Quarles van ispEN
  • Erik van ' t Wout as Aristides Quarles van ispEN
  • Martin Perels as Wilbur Quant
  • Maelys Morel as Juultje Quant
  • Emmy Lopes Dias as Leonie Quarles van ispEN
  • Mieke Bos Berthe Bennebroek
  • Hans Dagelet as Ed Bennebroek
  • Hans Otjes as André Pies
  • Sacco van der Made as a police assistant Mudde
  • Cor Witsche as agent Drak
  • Johan te Slaa as a farmer Zwartjes

Other series

Due to the great success of the first series, a further series with the Dutch title was produced "Art en Vliegwerk " in 1976. Most of the actors from the first series also played here with again. This second series was not broadcast in Germany. In September 2005, also appeared in the second series Bridge Entertainment DVD with Dutch original.

To the two television series, a Dutch book is published to coincide with each series:

  • Harrie Geelen, Imme Dros Een mislukte photo. Bussum, 1975, ISBN 90-269-8030-2.
  • Harrie Geelen, Imme Dros: Art -en Vliegwerk. Bussum 1976, ISBN 90-269-8031-0.