Q Who

Time jump with Q is the 42nd episode of the U.S. television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was broadcast in the U.S. in May 1989 for the first time in Germany in April 1992. It is about the first contact of the Enterprise crew with the enemy Borg, a species with collective consciousness, in which representatives it is man-machine hybrids.


Unexpectedly, Captain Picard is kidnapped by Q from the Enterprise and put in a shuttle also hijacked ship. Picard's disappearance is only known on the Enterprise after Guinan and Troi had them unpleasant sensation. With the proviso that Q Picard sounds proposals Q Picard added back to the enterprise. In Ten - Forward demand Q and Guinan, Q 200 years ago met unsuccessfully to disappear from each other. In addition, the ejected from his continuum Q fails because Picard and Riker's negative stance initially to be allowed to serve on the Enterprise. Furthermore disappointed Q puts the Enterprise in an instant to a 7000 light years away and Guinan already known position in the galaxy, to give a foretaste of coming danger to the crew. There, the Enterprise encounters a cube-shaped spaceship the Borg, a race with collective consciousness and with creatures that consist of humanoid body and associated machinery. After two Borg have examined the engine room of the Enterprise, Picard and experienced colleagues from Guinan that the Borg once destroyed the majority of Guinan's people. After the warning by the Borg to punish the Enterprise crew, they should defend themselves, cuts the Borg ship with a laser a hole in the saucer section of the Enterprise, killing 18 crew members. To learn more about the Borg, Picard sends an away team to the Borg ship. This is not threatened by the Borg team discovers, among other things, that the Borg have a much higher than the Federation developed technology and can regenerate itself. Before the Borg ship fled at full speed and still pursues incessantly, the Enterprise loses Phaser bombardment of the Borg ship their shields. Thereby be faced with the agony of choice, either destroyed by the Borg for adoption of enterprise technology or damaging the Enterprise when attacking by the explosion, Picard admits over Q that he needs their help. Then Q offset the Enterprise back to their starting position. Guinan is sure that the Borg one day reach the Federation territory; insofar Picard expresses understanding for Qs suggestion.


The U.S. magazine Cinefantastique rated this episode as just one of two of the second season, with four out of four stars and picked it as the best of Star Trek belonging forth.

At the 1989 Emmy Awards, the episode was awarded in the categories Best sound mixing for a Drama Series and Best Sound Editing for a Series, in the category Best Achievement in special visual effects, it remained in the nomination.