Q10 (temperature coefficient)

The RGT rule ( reaction rate - temperature control, and van ' t Hoff rule) is a rule of thumb in chemical kinetics and allows the estimation of many phenomena in chemistry, biochemistry and ecology. It states that chemical reactions at a 10 K increase in temperature take place two to four times as fast.

The factor by which the reaction rate actually increases as the temperature is raised to 10 ° C, is Q10 value:

Wherein R1 and R2 are the respective reaction rate in temperature T1 and T2 respectively. For larger temperature differences, the RGT rule is increasingly inaccurate and is considered here because of generally not more.

The RGT rule was in 1884 by the Dutch chemist Jacobus Henricus van ' t Hoff set up and expanded in 1889 by Svante Arrhenius to Arrhenius equation.