Qashqai language

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The kaschgaische language or Kaschgaische, also Kaschkaisch (proper names: Qaşqay dili, Qaşqaycə or Qaşqay Turquoise [ kaschgaisches Turkish ] ) is a spoken in Iran of about 1.5 million people of Turkic Oghuz branch. Qashqa'i, Khashkhay and from Turkish Turkish Studies Kaşkay Türkçesi known: As an alternative designations also are.

The Kaschgaische belongs to the southern group of the Oghuz branch of the Turkic languages ​​) and is particularly closely related to the Aynallu and Afshar. ( Ethnologue lists Kaschgaisch ( Qashqa'i ) incorrectly in the western group of the Oghuz. )

Speaker and distribution area

In the census gave (1982 ) in Iran 200,000 people this language as their mother tongue. It is estimated the number of speakers at 1.5 million people (1997). The language supports are immemorial nomads and wander through on their migrations to southern Iran, where particularly the province of Fars ( the southern part of the winter, the northern summer). The Qashqai are bilingual, besides the mother tongue they nail Persian.


Kaschgaisch is officially schriftlos, although fragmentary written records are available. These are written in Arabic letters with the four additional characters Persian since time immemorial.