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Qatar Airways (Arabic القطرية, DMG al - Qaṭarīya ) is a Qatari airline based in Doha and based on the Doha airport. She is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization and of the oneworld airline alliance and one of the few companies that have been awarded by the subjective rating on Skytrax five out of five stars.

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Founding and first years

The company was founded on 22 November 1993 on the initiative from the ranks of the royal family Al Thani. The flight operations began on 20 January 1994. As an initial one purchased on the used aircraft market, Airbus A310 -200, from the government squadron Qatar Amiri Flight received the new airline Boeing 727-200 two. Also two Boeing 747SR were purchased from All Nippon Airways.

After the company had flown only losses in the first years of its existence, in April 1997, a reorganization under purely "Western" standards and a new management team in which the Royal Family only 50% of the company shares owned. The new management launched a new, purely focused on the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus fleet policy. First one sold the inefficient Boeing 747SR, followed by the 727 and finally the Airbus A310 and replaced it with new models purchased. In April 1997 Airbus A300B4 - 622R so came to the Fleet, from February 1999, the medium-range A320 -200. For long-haul Qatar Airways Airbus A330 and A340 used in the A340- 642HGW she was the launch customer.

On 30 May 2007, Qatar Airways placed an order with Airbus for 80 Airbus A350 for the list price of 11.8 billion euros. From the autumn of 2007, Qatar Airways Boeing but also opened the door and ordered a larger number of long-haul aircraft there.

On the travel trade show ITB 2009 CEO Al Baker unveiled the new Business Class Qatar Airways.

With the acquisition of a converted cargo plane to Airbus A300 of Korean Air sales increased by 73 % in air freight. In the passenger area, sales increased in fiscal 2003 by 47 % with a passenger growth of 35%. Administration and fleet management of the royal fleet Qatar Amiri VIP Flight are meanwhile also part of Qatar Airways' operations and make use of their corporate design.


In June 2011, the head of Qatar Airways said he wanted to acquire a 35 % stake in the Luxembourg cargo airline Cargolux for 150 to 200 million euros. This Qatar Airways wants to catch their rivals Etihad Airways and Lufthansa and simultaneously expand its freight quote.

On November 15 it was announced that Qatar Airways will order another 55 machines in the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The order consists of 50 planes of type Airbus A320neo and five A380 - 800th

Beginning in October 2012 it was announced that Qatar Airways will join the oneworld airline alliance. The acceptance as a full member on 30 October 2013.

On November 13, 2012 Qatar Airways received its first Boeing 787-8 ( Dreamliner ).


Qatar Airways operates from Doha to numerous destinations in the Middle East, including Amman and Abu Dhabi as well as other destinations around the world, including Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Moscow, Ho Chi Minh City and New York. In Germany, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are served. The end of 2012 will be flown two more goals in Europe with Belgrade (Serbia ) and Warsaw (Poland). In Africa, 17 objectives are, inter alia, Kigali fly.

Code Sharing

Qatar Airways has codeshare agreements with several partners in the oneworld alliance and also with All Nippon Airways and Asiana Airlines of the Star Alliance and other independent alliance airlines.


Qatar Airways

As of September 2013 the fleet of 131 aircraft from Qatar Airways is with an average age of 5.3 years:

Qatar Amiri Flight

As of July 2013, there is a fleet of Qatar Amiri Flight, which is available to members of the government and the ruling family are available from twenty aircraft:


Qatar Airways is internationally because of poor working conditions under criticism. So pregnant employees may be dismissed because of pregnancy according to employment, accommodation of the crew shall be monitored and possession of alcohol, cigarettes or pork is another reason for dismissal.

Logo and color scheme

The logo of Qatar Airways is decorated in the colors of the flag of Qatar. It shows the English name of the airline in the font Optima and the Arabic name in Scripture Kufi. On the vertical stabilizer of Qatar Airways machines, the head of an oryx is shown. The in-flight entertainment system that is available on board the aircraft in all classes of travel available, Oryx is called. The aircraft will now light gray in the upper part, including painted white. The original color was white with a burgundy ribbon window and tail.