Q * bert is a computer game that was released in 1982 by Gottlieb. The main character of the game is named Q * bert. The game was inspired by the art of MC Escher.


The playing field consists of colored cubes, which are arranged in a triangle and must be colored by the title character by jumping on them. The title character is an orange ball with legs, eyes and a trumpet-shaped mouth. As the game progresses, the complicated by the fact that the dice repeatedly change color until they reach the target color, or even when re- mount to accept the original color again. When Q * bert jumps out of the field, he loses a life.


Q * bert needs while avoiding various enemies in whose contact he ejects an unintelligible curse and lose a life:


Red balls fall to the top cube and from there step by step down until they fall out of the field at the bottom. They must not be touched by Q * Bert. Green balls on the other hand give Q * Bert in contact for a few seconds rest of the enemies.


Coily begins as an ordinary ball, which, however, is purple. If it is, however, reached the bottom, it does not fall out of the field, but transforms into a coiled to a spring snake that can be Q * bert persecuted and eliminated only by Q * bert pulleys, at certain points to the sidelines available and bring it to the top dice used. However, these disappear after use.

Ugg and Wrongway

Ugg and Wrongway jump on the side faces of the cube until they disappear from the game field to the left or right. They babble incoherently, which ( at least in the German-speaking area ) makes with connoisseurs of the scene for you smile, because you can hear the words " your gay ". In case of contact Q * Bert lose a life.

Slick and Sam

Slick and Sam, however, do not represent a direct threat to Q * bert, they can even be defeated by him by jumping on them. Instead, they color cube on which they jump in their original color back.


The term Q * bert 's Quest the game by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1983 was also produced as a pinball.

1983 Q * bert was ported to the ColecoVision devices, G7000, Intellivision, Atari 2600, Atari 5200 and the Commodore 64, and under the name of J-Bird on MS -DOS. In 1989, Q * bert was also released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1992, the game on the Game Boy. 1999, a PlayStation version was released. In 2000, a Microsoft Windows and Dreamcast version was developed. The also appeared in the 2000 Game Boy Color version was first created by a fan named Paul Chinn reverse engineering, then discovered by the copyright owner, authorized and marketed. 2007, Sony released an HD version of its PlayStation 3, which is in the PlayStation Store (dedicated, device- own online store ) available.

Q * bert is also a standard game on the mobile phones Sony Ericsson T610 and T630.

In July 2009 they had Q * bert by Sony for the iPhone.


  • The turntablism DJ QBert has been named after this game.
  • In the movie Ralph reichts Q * bert has a guest appearance.


  • Q * bert's Qubes ( Arcade, 1984)
  • Q * bert 3 (Nintendo Famicom, 1993)