QBittorrent is a free file sharing program for the BitTorrent protocol. It is, and others for the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Promoted the project has always been a student of computer science ( Christophe Dumez ), the Technical University of Belfort- Montbeliard in France written it in C / Qt4. Serve as a base free libraries libtorrent and Qt. qBittorrent appeared in March 2006 and has since been continuously in active development.


The qBittorrent client is small, highly efficient, eco-friendly, intuitive to use and has a very intuitive graphical interface. These are all points with which qBittorrent aims to set in direct competition to the proprietary uTorrent.

The main features in particular:

  • In Ajax -based Web interface
  • Integrated eMule -like and extensible search engine that searches Web pages in the background
  • Automatic filter-based Torrent Downloads from RSS feeds
  • UPnP / NAT -PMP
  • Distributed hash table
  • Peer Exchange
  • Vuze - compatible protocol encryption
  • Optional use of proxy servers (HTTP & Socks5 )
  • EMule or PeerGuardian / PeerBlock compatible IP filtering
  • Queuing and prioritizing Torrents
  • Using both IPv6 and IPv4 networks
  • Support for magnet links
  • Built Tracker
  • Availability in over 25 languages