QCAD is a CAD program for two-dimensional drawings of the company RibbonSoft, which is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is sold in both a proprietary, license- paid Professional Edition, as well as in a so-called Community Edition in the source code as free software under the GPL. The Professional Edition offers additional features and support for the DWG format. QCAD is currently regarded as the most comprehensive free CAD program.

The main developer of QCAD is Andrew Mustun. When he started with the development, QCAD was a part of its CAM system called CAM Expert. With time, however CAM Expert own many CAD functions. Thus, it made ​​sense abzusplitten QCAD in October 1999 as a separate program. Some time later, he laid open the source code of each QCAD under the terms of the GPL. In March 2002, started the development of QCAD 2, the documents in the DXF can export 2000 ( AC1015 ) format. QCAD 3 was released in July 2012 and offers a very complete scripting interface and support for the DWG file format.


QCAD provides about 40 construction and 20 modification tools for points, lines and arcs, circles, ellipses, splines, Polylinienzüge, text, dimensions and hatching. Furthermore, the program can work with layers and blocks ( groups ) deal. Scale printing, object - Fang, symbol library and measuring tools also include functions.

The file format DXF QCAD used. The unit of measurement to be used can be switched between metric and British unit system.