The abbreviation QD stands for:

  • Qualify - sizing, close to nature silviculture strategy
  • Quaestiones Disputatae, a theological science book series of the publisher Herder
  • Queen Dowager (English), the title, which the wife of a deceased king was
  • Quadramed Corporation, ticker symbol
  • Quartz Date ( English), an LED on the camera back to write the date on the film
  • Quad density (English ); see disk # formats
  • Quantum dot (English ); see quantum dot
  • QuickDraw, a 2D screen description language of the Macintosh
  • QD Quick Disconnect plug (English) or Quick Detachable (English), a connector

QD as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Belgium: Trailer

Qd stands for:

  • Quaque the (Latin ), every day
  • Quiet down (English), ChatSlang for " Calm down! "
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