QDesign Music Codec ( QDMC ) is a proprietary codec for lossy audio data compression.

It was originally developed by Dmitry Shmunk under the name LBpack. The QDesign Corporation bought the rights and hired the developer to use it for official audio compression method from Apple's QuickTime 3 to make. Version 2 comes in numerous movies in QuickTime format before version 7 often on the side of the Sorenson video codecs used. Since Apple 's proprietary codecs such as Sorenson Video and QDesign in favor of open standards such as MPEG -4 is increasingly turning its back, a long service life of the codec seems unlikely.

Although he is commonly known as QDesign codec, he hears, according to a press release officially on the name Rave sound.

The in QuickTime Pro version included personnel allowed bit rates up to 48 kbit / s, the professional version allows bit rates up to 128 kbit / s It is one of the most aggressive of the known codecs. This leads to quite good results at very low bit rates, however, leave at high bit too many artifacts (see compression artifacts).

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