QED stands for:

  • Quantum electrodynamics, a subfield of quantum physics
  • The QED text editor, which was written by Butler Lampson and L. Peter German in 1967 and the predecessor of ed is, see ed ( text editor )
  • Quadcap Embeddable Database, a Java-based open source database
  • Quod Erat Demonstrandum eV, an association founded by young people, which supports gifted and holds mathematically oriented seminars, see State Mathematics Competition Bayern # Quod Erat Demonstrandum eV
  • A brand name of the former British car manufacturer Marshall - Arter

Q. e d stands for:

  • QED, Latin for: what was to prove completion of a proof in mathematics and philosophy
  • Quod est dubitandum, Latin for: what is doubtful ironic variation of the above,
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