The Qeleshe [ cɛlɛʃɛ ] ( Albanian: Qeleshja ) - ( Albanian: Plisi ) called in dialect also Plis - is the traditional headgear of the Albanian men. The cap is made ​​from a piece of felt made ​​of undyed wool. The name is derived from the qeleshe Albanian word for wool ( lesh ).


There are three main forms of this headgear. The most common was a kind of semi-circular cap. This was taken in Kosovo and throughout the north of Albania as far as Kruja. In central Albania Qeleshe had the form of a flat truncated cone, sometimes with slightly elevated upper edge and a small rounding in the middle. The Tosks in the south contributed Qeleshen that looked like a high truncated cone, and thus resembled the North African and Turkish Fez. However, lacked the usual at Fez tassel. Sometimes they pointed instead to a short tip.


While the Qeleshe was still widespread at the beginning of the 1990s among older Albanians, it is today largely come into desuetude. In central and southern Albania it is no longer supported; in the north and Kosovo it is only rarely seen. As part of the traditional dress wear today especially older men, as well as members of folklore groups Qeleshe.


The Qeleshe is made ​​in a mold and then offered for sale. After the sale to prune the felt cap so that it fits on the head of the customer. This operation is carried out usually by the seller.