The term qepHom ( [q ʰ ʰ ɛp χom ] dt small meeting ) is generally used for any type of meeting, which developed for Star Trek Klingon language is practiced. In Germany, this word has become a synonym for a held annually Klingon seminar in Saarbrücken, since this is the only of its kind in Europe.


The Annual General Meeting of the American Institute Klingon is called qep'a ' Klingon for "big meeting ." The counterpart to this, the qepHom means literally " little meeting " and was originally intended as a small, informal meeting of two to three people who meet at regular short-term appointments to speak Klingon. Due to the low density of Klingonisten within Europe, which is not sufficient for a short-term Assembly, the Klingon expert Lieven Litaer founded a multi-day weekend seminar, which is called qepHom.


On Saarbrücken Klingon seminar usually will feature around 20 to 25 Klingon enthusiasts, mainly of European origin, but participants from Canada and the U.S. are also already arrived. The longest -show European participants came from Sweden, Romania, Poland and the UK. However, most of the students are of German origin, so the main language of instruction is German.

A majority of the participants, in addition to Klingon a great interest in Star Trek, but regularly attended by people who have no direct relationship to how linguistics or sociology students.


The weekend seminar took first from Friday to Sunday, since the tenth anniversary in 2011, the price starts Thursday. Because of different length show, the participants of the course officially begins on the first day until dinner together, with many participants already during the afternoon practice and speak Klingon.

Throughout the meeting, the Klingon language is explained by means of lectures and exercises from the base for beginners, while advanced independently deal with the language.

Since 2006, the price traditionally ends with a leisurely drink in the evening, in which many participants dress up as a Klingon.


Other Venues

In recent years there have been several meetings in Germany, which were their literal definition of a "small meeting " justice. This took place not on a regular basis and were aligned by different people. The places were Bochum 2001 Waiblingen 2002 and 2004, Mülheim an der Ruhr 2006 and 2007.