Qian Xuan

Qian Xuan (Chinese钱 选; * 1235, † 1305) was a Chinese painter and poet from Zhejiang.

He refused the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty to serve and was loyal to the song of the previous dynasty. During the Southern Song Dynasty, he participated in the civil service exam. When the Yuan in 1276 conquered China, he gave to the civil service. He lived in retirement and engaged in painting and poetry. He became known as a member of a group of painters and writers, including Zhao Mengfu belonged. His painting is contemplative and connects the song realism with an archaic Tang style. Qian Xuan is known for its landscape, animal and flower painting.

Works (selection)

  • " Wang Xizhi observed geese " (ca. 1295, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art)