Qingling Motors

The Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.. (庆 铃 汽车 有限公司) with headquarters in Chongqing is a Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer, which has existed since May 1985. The work under the direction of the President Wu Yun operates as a joint venture in which a 50.1 percent stake, the Qingling Motors ( Group) Co., Ltd.. the principal shareholder is. The Japanese Isuzu JIDOSHA k.k. participates with a share of 20 percent in the company. For the construction of the plant a total investment of 2,482 million yuan has been applied. Approximately 3,050 employees are currently employed at the factory.

As an import model on the other hand Isuzu offered in China from 1983 to the Isuzu Trooper (五十铃 突 路霸). This was available up to 2005 from Japanese production.

The work at the plant was recorded in the fall of 1987 with the installation of the Isuzu Pika. Three years later, with the Isuzu Panther, a more powerful model. Something sporty contrast, presented the successor generations of the Pikas, almost ten years presented the best selling model of the brand in the People's Republic of China. As the first SUV from 1993 there was the Isuzu Mu as a pure sports model the work offered from 1997 in small numbers on the Isuzu Tiejingang, which is the world's only sister model of the Japanese Isuzu VehiCROSS. The model name means " Iron King". Only in 2003, the manufacturer then refreshed on the model range with the Isuzu Jingjizhe, which is an optical hybrid between Isuzu TF and Isuzu Rodeo and the Mu replaced. The Isuzu Duogongnengche, however, is one for the local market optically revised version of the Isuzu MU- seventh Both models are exclusively reserved for the Chinese market.

In the commercial vehicle sector, however, is the work of the Isuzu F- Series and Isuzu Lingqingka, the Chinese version of the Isuzu Elf made ​​. Newest Model is offered since 2010 Isuzu 700P.

Mounted per year Qingling Motors in about 100,000 vehicles for the local market.

Model Overview

Isuzu F-Series 庆 铃F重型 商用车 1984-1996

Isuzu Panther 庆 铃 豹 1990-2005

Isuzu Pika 庆 铃 皮卡 1991-1997

Isuzu Mu 五十铃Mu 1993-2003

Isuzu Lingqingka 庆 铃 轻卡 1995-2004

Isuzu F-Series 庆 铃F重型 商用车 since 1996

Isuzu Pika 庆 铃 皮卡 since 1997

Isuzu Tiejingang 五十铃 铁 金刚 1997-2001

Isuzu Lingqingka 庆 铃 轻卡 since 2004

Isuzu 700P 庆 铃700P since 2010

Not pictured models:

  • Isuzu Jingjizhe (庆 铃 竞技 者since 2003; SUV)
  • Isuzu Duogongnengche (庆 铃 多功能 车, since 2005; SUV)


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