Qinhuai River


The Qinhuai He ( Chinese秦淮河, Pinyin Qinhuai hé ), which was formerly also Huai Shui (淮水) or Longcang called Pu (龙 藏 浦), is a tributary of the Yangzi Jiang - the lower reaches of the Yangtze River - in the southwestern Chinese province Jiangsu. It has a length of 110 km and a catchment area of ​​2630 square kilometers.

He has two source rivers: the eastern rises in Baohua Shan in Jurong district, in the southern Shan Donglu in Lishui county. Both flow at the foot of Fang Shan together in Nanjing city Jiangning District, flowing over 110 km in the Yangtze River. The current flowing through Nanjing short part is called the Inner Qinhuai He ( Nei Qinhuai He). As early as the Neolithic its shores were inhabited.