Qinzhou (钦州, Qinzhou ) is a city in the south of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China.

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city of Qinzhou is made at the county level from two districts and two counties. These are:

  • Municipality Qinnan -钦南 区Qinnan Qū;
  • Municipality Qinbei -钦北区Qīnběi Qū;
  • Circle Lingshan -灵山县Lingshan Xiàn;
  • Circle Pubei -浦北 县Pǔběi Xiàn.


The traditional architecture of the former residences of Liu Yongfu (1837-1917) and Feng Zicai (1818-1903) ( Liu Yongfu, Feng Zicai Jiuju gu jianzhuqun刘永福,冯子 材 旧居 建筑 群) of the heroes of the Sino- French War of 1884 to 1885, since 2001 is on the list of monuments of the people's Republic of China ( 5-505 ).