Qt Extended

Qt Extended ( formerly Qtopia or Qt Palmtop Environment ) has been developed by the Norwegian software company Trolltech application platform for Linux-based PDAs, tablet computers and mobile phones. On 3 March 2009, the development has been discontinued.

Qt Extended was both under the terms of the GPL and under a proprietary license available (dual licensing system ). It does not use a usual Linux X server, but writes directly to the Linux framebuffer. Qt Extended is for example used on devices like the Green Phone from Trolltech, the Zaurus from Sharp and Archos PMA400 ( PMA430 ). It is also offered a variant for the Openmoko Neo 1973 and Openmoko Neo Freerunner.

In the future, the functions of Qt Extended, under the name Qt Mobility APIs by the Qt library made ​​available.

A to the latest version of Qt Extended returning, supported by the Openmoko community open source project is Qt Extended Improved, also known as QtMoko.