Qu Qiubai

Qu Qiubai (瞿秋白; * 1899, † 1935) was a Chinese politician in the early days of the Communist Party of China.


After the end of the First United Front in 1927, he was replaced as successor Chen Duxius General Secretary of the CCP, but because of spectacular failures (eg revolt of Canton in December 1927) after one year of Xiang Zhongfa. He also won recognition as a writer and journalist, and was friends with Lu Xun. From 1934 he was invited by Mao Zedong to Jiangxi education campaigns in the Soviet part. Seriously ill with tuberculosis, he was left behind at the beginning of the Long March and arrested and shot in 1935 by the Kuomintang. Counted as " deviants " Especially during the Cultural Revolution, he was rehabilitated in 1980 by the Central Committee.

  • Politicians (Republic of China)
  • CCP member
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Chinese
  • Born in 1899
  • Died in 1935
  • Man