Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan (Chinese屈原) (ca. 340 BC - 278 BC) was a poet from the time of the Warring States in ancient Chinese Empire. He is regarded as China's first historically tangible poet personality.

They say he was an aristocratic member of the royal house of Chu and have held a higher post at the court of King Huai. Because of his political opinion, he should have been impeached and should after years of wandering in exile have drowned in the river Miluo. Him be the Chuci, attributed the songs of Chu, Shi Jing in addition to the one of the earliest Chinese poetry collections.

Only that Qu Yuan, the author of the Lisao regarded as detectable but (离骚, Lí SAO, about ' grief after the breakup ' / ' pain of separation '), is a long lament poem ( Elegy ), which for the later Chinese literature, especially the genus of Fu poems of Han period, was exemplary. The Lisao prepared according to subject matter, form and metric represents an innovation in the Chinese literature

Qu Yuan in honor of the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated annually, as is told, the inhabitants of the banks of the River Miluo in which Qu Yuan is said to have drowned had risen in their dragon boats to rescue him what was to them but not succeeded.