Quack Pack

Quack Pack - Onkel D. and the Boys (English: Quack Pack ) is an animated series The Walt Disney Company in 1996 and has 39 episodes.

During the series come from the residents Duckburg only Donald Duck, his nephews, Daisy and Primus of Quack on. The whereabouts as of Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose or the Junior Woodchucks no return is filed. These were in the previous series with the Duckburg characters, DuckTales, presence is still strong.


Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie are aged. Donald does not wear a sailor suit, but a Hawaiian shirt and works at a TV station as a cameraman. The nephews are teenagers, no longer with the Junior Woodchucks and have individual personalities developed. Thus, the dressed in red tick of the leader who is in blue converted trick enthusiastic about technology and martial arts possessed the green track, but not always the brightest.

Daisy works as Donald in television, but she is the co-host of the show " What in the world," Donald is the TV team as a cameraman. The moderator Sven Power is in love with himself and pushes around like Donald, who has, however, keep his temper.

So the Duck family experienced on the travels of television crews or in the vicinity of different adventures, about extraterrestrials, süchtigmachendem fast food to the transformation of nephew in superheroes.


The series was first broadcast in the United States of 2 September to 28 November 1996. From November 23 1996 to May 24, 1997, the RTL series radiated in German.

In the U.S., the animated series was released on DVD, in German appeared only the result of six on the DVD Christmas with Disney stars, along with other short films.

The intro of the show is based on ( Marie's the Name ) The Latest Flame by Elvis Presley.


In Quack Pack Quack by Primus - clean room Never again, at least in the episode - not spoken by Eberhard Prüter.