Quantum Corporation

Quantum is an international provider of backup, recovery and archiving solutions. The company is headquartered in the U.S. San Jose, specializes in data protection and Big Data management and storage solutions for traditional, virtual and cloud environments for companies of any size.

Company History

Since its founding in 1980, Quantum supports companies in matters of data backup, management and stock requirement.

Originally developed and produced by Quantum hard drives. The ATLAS series was around 1999 the world's fastest SCSI disks - Quantum was at that time the second largest hard disk manufacturers in the world. Gradually Advanced Quantum through acquisitions and developments, the portfolio for more data storage devices ( tape drives and tape libraries ) and data storage media.

The entry in the DLT tape technology took Quantum in 1994 by buying the "Disc and Tape Division " of the Digital Equipment Corporation. The acquisition of ATL Products, a manufacturer of DLT libraries for up to 300 discs, in 1998 and Storage Innovations, a magnetic tape manufacturers with licenses for products from the Quantum VStape series, in 2002, confirmed this strategic expansion.

In October 2000, sold the Quantum Quantum HDD hard disk drive business, including the right to use the brand for Quantum hard drives Maxtor.

With the purchase of Seagate Certance Advanced Quantum spin-off in 2004 his offer to the LTO tape technology as an alternative to in-house DLT drives.

In 2006, took over the Quantum Advanced Digital Information Corporation ( ADIC ), a specialized enterprise tape libraries manufacturer, to enter the high-end business. The merger with ADIC Quantum also acquired the patent 5,990,810 (the " '810 patent") for de-duplication based on data blocks of variable length and delivered in early 2007 his first DXi-Series disk - based backup and deduplication solutions from. 2011 confirmed the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) to litigation in the course of an investigation the validity of the patent again.

Since 2011, Jon Gacek has held the position of CEO at Quantum. In one of his first official acts, the company was taken over Pancetera and thus the focus from physical to virtual environments expanded - including cloud - based solutions.

Today Quantum is active in the areas of backup, recovery and archiving of data in traditional, virtual or cloud environments. The company also offers solutions that disk, tape, deduplication, replication, encryption, securing virtualized data and software for data management, together. Also, data management solutions in the Big Data environment, the portfolio of Quantum and are mainly targeted at customers in the media and entertainment, healthcare and life sciences, science and technology, education, finance and public sector industries.

In the last financial year ( to 31 March 2012) Quantum generated a total turnover of 652 million U.S. dollars. The company is traded under the symbol QTM on the New York Stock Exchange.

Headquartered in San Jose maintains Quantum numerous offices across North America, Europe and the Asia -Pacific region. The German branch Quantum GmbH located in Munich.


Products and Solutions

The Quantum portfolio includes disk-based deduplication and replication systems for backup and restore solutions for backing up data on virtual machines ( VM) appliances for cloud-based data protection and solutions for disaster recovery and long-term storage of corporate data. Also, big data management software and appliances for file sharing and archiving are part of the offer.

Disk Backup Systems

The disk-based backup solutions DXi-Series offer features such as deduplication, virtual tape, snapshot, disaster recovery and replication. So is the first DXi4000 Appliance with Capacity on Demand Deduplication - as licenses for the use of additional disk storage can be unlocked later if necessary. The DXi6000 appliances were designed for complex backup problems in the midrange data centers. With the DXi8500 Disk, Tape and replication processes can be managed centrally in enterprise companies. In order to reduce the demand for disk space are all DXi appliances integrated, patented deduplication technology. The virtual appliance DXi V1000 offers the full feature set of DXi deduplication appliances in a fully - VM -based software.

Virtual Machine Backup

Together with DXi appliances and the existing backup applications, the vmPRO software enables the integration of VM backup and recovery in the existing backup processes. The solution vmPRO 4000 combines backup software and integrated data storage with deduplication and optimized VMs by filtering out unassigned, expired and inactive data. By filtering out the excess data overhead can be reduced to servers, networking and storage.

Cloud-based data protection solutions

Based on the software platform for cloud-based data backup are the vmPRO technology and the virtual Deduplizierungsappliance DXi V1000. With this purely software -based solution data can be saved in both public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Solutions for Data Sharing and Archiving

The StorNext data management software enable high-speed data exchange and access as well as their provision - especially in big data environments. To StorNext product family includes the StorNext Metadata appliances for file sharing, centralized control and management, StorNext AEL Archives for nearline storage as offline archiving of data, StorNext disk systems of the Q- series as the primary high-speed memory and StorNext gateway appliances for a virtual access to shared data pools and configuration of on-demand provisioning of clients over Ethernet.

Tape Libraries

The Scalar tape libraries ( Scalar i6000 / i500 Scalar / Scalar i40 / i80 ) manage and secure mission-critical data in medium-sized companies, workgroup and enterprise-level data center environments. In addition, the Super Loader 3- line has the ability to remote replication.

NDX NAS and RDX Disk Solutions

The NDX -8 NAS appliance and the portable RDX disk drives are designed for use in smaller companies such as branches and can reduce the storage requirements by up to 90 percent by integrating deduplication technology. The RDX is used as a single drive and 8- Slot Disk Library ( RDX 8000) with removable disk cartridge available and is suitable for both backup and archive. For offsite disaster recovery protection, the NDX data can both replicate to a second NDX appliance or transfer them via a 8000 RDX outside the site.

Stand-alone devices and media

  • LTO Tape Drives - LTO technology is a scalable and open tape format and can be used from midrange to enterprise-level server in environments with growing data protection demands.
  • DLT Tape Drives - DLT technology enables backup, recovery and archiving of business critical data.
  • DAT / DDS tape drives - DAT / DDS tape drives available for user-friendliness, investment protection and a low total cost of ownership. In addition, tape technology has a backward compatibility for two drive generations.
  • Media - Quantum offers a full range of storage media for each backup, recovery and archive needs, including LTO Ultrium, DLT Tape, DAT / DDS and Travan.

Distribution network

Quantum sells its products through a global sales network with more than 20 distributors and 5,000 dealers. In addition, OEMs sell (OEMs) such as Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and other Tape Automation provider and tape media partners the products under their own brand management.


Quantum has recently received the following awards (selection):

  • "Disk -based Product of the Year - Enterprise ", 2012: Award of the DXi6700 family of products in the " Storage Awards: The Storries VIII ".
  • "Storage Product of the Year ", 2012: Award of the DXi6700 family of products in the "Network Computing Awards ".
  • " Product of the Year ", 2012: Award of vmPRO 4000 at the " Backup Hardware " Award from the Storage magazine / SearchStorage.com.
  • "Storage Virtualisation Product of the Year ", 2011: Award of vmPRO 4000 at the "Storage, Virtualization and Cloud Computing (SVC ) Awards".
  • "Quality Award", 2011: Quantum award the first prize of the "Storage magazine / SearchStorage.com Quality Awards " in the overall and in all five rating categories - both for enterprise and mid-sized tape libraries.
  • "Storage Product of the Year ", 2011: Award of the DXi6000 family of products in the " Storage Awards: The Storries VIII ".
  • " Deduplication product of the year " 2010: Award of the DXi6500 family of products in the " Storage Awards: The Storries VIII ".
  • "Best Tape Product ", 2010: Award of the Scalar i6000 enterprise tape library in the " Storage Awards: The Storries VIII ".
  • "Best IT Innovation of the Year for the middle class in the category Storage / Networks", 2010: Award of the DXi6500 family of products in the Innovation Prize IT Initiative Mittelstand.

Corporate Philosophy

With " High Road - Quantum 's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics " Quantum has itself ethical standards for the management set within the group, with customers and suppliers.

Further commitment

Quantum is in addition to other suppliers of the official sponsor getyourbackupscore.com, a free online service that will allow IT departments, their data protection strategies using best practice to improve comparisons. The tool provides evaluations based on how well companies meet the requirements in eight key areas - in terms of backup, recovery, disaster recovery protection ( DR) and long-term data retention.