QuarkXPress is a frame-oriented layout program of the U.S. manufacturer Quark Inc. The first version was released in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh.


The original developer of QuarkXPress is Tim Gill, the Quark Inc. In 1981, Denver and the first word processing software for Apple II and III, wrote.

In addition to the published in 1985 Aldus PageMaker QuarkXPress is regarded as a pioneer of desktop publishing (DTP ) and is now with Adobe InDesign to the market-leading desktop publishing layout programs. Several needed in the field of print media functions in the field of prepress, such as typographic control, the possibility of color separation, trapping algorithms, PostScript and PDF output. Furthermore, it provides for the progressive cross-media publishing needs and functions for HTML, Flash and app export.


QuarkXPress is used in advertising agencies and freelance graphic in prepress service providers, as well as printers and publishers. Along with content management systems such as Quark Publishing System (QPS ) is frequently encountered in professional newspaper and magazine production. Other areas of application are pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, leaflets, posters, business stationery and database publishing applications. Thanks to the support of tables of contents and indices, it is also suitable for design -intensive book productions.

Since QuarkXPress 5 can use the program directly web pages (HTML ) can be created without accessing an external HTML editor. Since October 2006, you can plug in Quark Interactive Designer to create the even Flash content directly from QuarkXPress. This plug-in is included for QuarkXPress 8.

Since version 9 content can also be exported to the ePub format and developed by Ray Kurzweil Blio format. Since QuarkXPress 9.5 also HTML5-based apps for Android, Apple iOS and Kindle Fire as well as web apps can be exported.

In German-speaking variant QuarkXPress Passport was sold earlier that offered multilingual language support in contrast to the available in the UK and U.S. version. The Passport variants were abolished with version 8. The only difference between today's " editions" are the user-interface languages ​​and the ability to create Japanese typography.

Every edition of QuarkXPress 8 and 9 supports 38 languages ​​and language variants - each for hyphenation and spell checking. The user can dynamically change into other languages. The following editions are sold: America ( North and South), America Plus, East Asia, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, United Kingdom Plus, Western Europe and Western Europe plus. The plus variants each add the ability to create Japanese typography.


With support for plug- ins ( Quark XTensions hot ) since 1989, the functionality of the program to be extended.

Since version 3.1, Quark Xpress is also available for Windows systems.

Since version 4.1 QuarkXPress supports the import and export of content via XML and PDF import and PDF export (only via Distiller).

Since version 5, the software also features next levels to create web pages (HTML) ready. Due to various protests to the important hardware keys ( dongles ) from version 4, these were abolished with the version 5 again.

QuarkXPress 6 is the first Mac OS X native executable version, version 7.01 was the first universal binary version.

Version 6.5 added support for the XML Document Description Format Document Object Model (DOM), which is, however, only read. From version 6.5 and native Photoshop (PSD) files and Excel files (XLS) can be read. It also allows you to create PDFs directly without the aid of Distiller.

Version 7 adds OpenType and Unicode support as well as native shadows and transparencies; the latter can also be applied to granular sub-objects. In addition, version 7 offers support for JDF and PDF / X and FlightCheck functions and those for cooperation ( as can several layout work simultaneously on the same page with the help of so-called Composition Zones ).

Quark since version 7 delivers more operating system versions and allows the use of a dual license. Thus, one can with a license QuarkXPress example install both on the domestic Windows PC as well as Mac in the office and use.

Version 8 improved the interface and allows you drag and drop from other applications (such as Finder or Adobe Bridge ) and back again. This will significantly increase, according to a study commissioned by Quark, the operating speed. In addition, QuarkXPress provides 8 East Asian typography, multiple baseline grid ( vertically ), adjustable optical margin alignment, object styles, Illustrator (AI) built-in flash import and export.

QuarkXPress 9 offers automation features and new design features, such as nested styles, legends ( Marginal elements ), bulleted and numbered lists, a wizard for complex Bezierformen, contact sheets (Multi- image import ), pp. clone etc.

QuarkXPress 10 is the first Cocoa -native version of QuarkXPress 10 and offers a new " graphics engine ", which now EPS, PDF, AI and other vector formats natively, thus indicating a high resolution.

Revision history

  • QuarkXPress 1 (1987 ) Mac OS only. Delivered in two 400 KB 3.5 "floppy, a spationieren with the program and space for documents, the second with the dictionary for the spelling checker. Could already undercut etc.
  • QuarkXPress 2 (1989 ) Additional functions for color separation with special colors. XTensions interface ( to other companies). First non-English versions ( German, French, etc.). QuarkXPress 2.1 ( 1989) Advanced typography such as kerning own.
  • QuarkXPress 3.1 ( 1992) publication of the first version of Windows, support for Quark Publishing System (QPS ).
  • QuarkXPress 3.2 (1993 ) extensive AppleScript support in Mac version, first version with color management.
  • QuarkXPress 3.3 (1996 ) first version, the PPC also natively supported. First - optional - multilingual version called Passport ( with dongle ).
  • QuarkXPress 3.32 (1996 ) Support for QuarkImmedia.
  • QuarkXPress 4.1 (1999) first version with XML support.
  • QuarkXPress 4:11 (2000) version for Reformed word separation and increase in speed with Mac OS 8.6 and 9.0.
  • QuarkXPress 5:01 (2002) - last version for Mac OS Classic.
  • QuarkXPress 6.1 (2004) first version with Excel import filter.
  • QuarkXPress 6:11 (2004) with extended language support.
  • QuarkXPress 6.5 ( 2004) first version with DOM support (read only), PSD import and image processing.
  • QuarkXPress 6:52 (2006) error correction for QuarkXPress 6.5 after version 7 was released. Last version for Windows 2000.
  • QuarkXPress 7.01 (2006) first Universal Binary version that runs natively on Apple Macs with Intel processors. PPML support. Platform-independent serial number ( can be installed on Mac and Windows).
  • QuarkXPress 7.02 (2006) support for many other European languages ​​.
  • QuarkXPress 7.1 (2007) speed increase.
  • QuarkXPress 7.2 (2007) Support for Windows Vista and other Eastern European languages ​​, as well as XPert Tools ( Item Styles numerical scaling etc. offer ).
  • QuarkXPress 7.3 (2007 ) Support for other European languages ​​. Renewed increase in speed. Plug- in ID2Q to open InDesign files (including CS3, limited to February 2008) and design tool for SWF ( Flash) are included.
  • QuarkXPress 7:31 (2007 ) Significant improvement in the spell check. Support for Mac OS X 10.5. Official MS certification for Windows Vista.
  • QuarkXPress 7.4 (2008) Non-public version, only for QPS customers.
  • QuarkXPress 7.5 ( 2008) error correction for QuarkXPress 7 Provides compatibility ago QuarkXPress 8.
  • QuarkXPress 8:01 (2008) Improved spell checking for case- insensitive.
  • QuarkXPress 8:02 (2009) Five new languages ​​and new Pantone libraries.
  • QuarkXPress 8.1 (2009) Numerical scaling, native transparencies ( with pdfmarks ) and plains in the PDF export, improved spell check and other functional improvements. Supports Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7
  • QuarkXPress 8:12 (2009) bug fixes.
  • QuarkXPress 8:15 (2010 ) (Mac OS X) Fixes activation issues on newer Apple hardware.
  • QuarkXPress (2010 ) Speed ​​improvements, " Edit Original " under Windows.
  • QuarkXPress (2010) Bugfix
  • QuarkXPress 8.5 ( 2010) bug fixes, Auto Updater. Docx import
  • QuarkXPress 8.5.1 (2011) bug fixes, configurable specifications path
  • QuarkXPress 9.0.1 (2011) Bugfix
  • QuarkXPress 9.1 (2011 ) Support for Mac OS X 10.7, App Studio ( iPad App Publishing), export to ePub and BlioReader, ePub tagging rules, view groups, text editor.
  • QuarkXPress 9.2 (2012 ) EPUB3 export.
  • QuarkXPress 9.2.1 (2012 ) for the Mac only: Fix for 10.7.3
  • QuarkXPress (2012 ) Support for the Retina display on the App Studio
  • QuarkXPress 9.3 (2012 ) Export for Amazon Kindle
  • QuarkXPress 9.3.1 (2012 ) Support for OS X 10.8
  • QuarkXPress (2012 ) Bugfix spell check, only for MAC
  • QuarkXPress 9.5 ( 2012) create HTML5 -based apps
  • QuarkXPress 9.5.1 (2013 ) Support for Windows 8
  • QuarkXPress (2013 ) bug fixes
  • QuarkXPress 9.5.2 (2013 ) bug fixes
  • QuarkXPress 9.5.3 (2013 ) bug fixes
  • QuarkXPress (2013 ) bug fixes
  • QuarkXPress 9.5.4 (2013 ) Support for OS X 10.9 is no longer compatible with Mac OS X 10.5
  • QuarkXPress (2013 ) First released version available: Web Layout, Interactive designer and book function were removed
  • QuarkXPress (2013 ) bug fixes
  • QuarkXPress 10.0.1 (2013 ) Support for OS X and Windows 8.1 Mavericks
  • QuarkXPress 10.0.2 (2013 ) bug fixes, increased speed in processing
  • QuarkXPress 10.1 (2014) 8000 % zoom, dynamic guides, HTML5 animation, image export, new book function