Quattro Pro

Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet program that was developed by Borland and usually found as part of the distribution office suite WordPerfect Office. Later, the product of Corel was expelled. When the product came on the market in 1988, it was first called Quattro ( the Italian name for " four " as a logical consequence to Lotus 1-2-3). Borland changed from the 1990 publication of the name to Quattro Pro.


Borland Quattro

The original program was written mainly in assembly at the DOS level by Adam Bosworth and Lajos Frank. First, it was a commercial flop.

Borland Quattro Pro

Then a replacement product with the name " Surpass " was acquired in Modula -2. The main developer and programmer Bob Warfield, Dave Anderson, Weikuo Liaw, Bob Richardson and Todd Landis has been posted by Borland to Surpass ultimately under a new name as Quattro Pro to the bringing market.

The predecessor of Bob Warfield was " Farsight " Farsight Technologies. It was one of the first spreadsheet products that had "Window Window". It was written in Modula -2. A special feature was that the printer driver has been compiled directly from the installation.

Farsight was very popular in schools, as it was around 50% cheaper than Lotus or Excel.

The 1990 released version 2.0 offered the first 3D graphics and a Solver ( Solve For).